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Sheep Health & Production

A course for Veterinary Science V students
by KA Abbott and WMC Maxwell
Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney.

© University of Sydney 2002

Chapter 1 The sheep farm revisited html | pdf
The role of the veterinarian in the Australian sheep industry | Veterinary education and the veterinary role on sheep farms | Description of a sheep farm | Recommended reading

Chapter 2 The farm as business html | pdf
Introduction | Some basic accounting - Financial statements | Financial performance of typical sheep farms | Economic analysis of enterprises and strategies | Recommended reading

Chapter 3 The farm as a production system html | pdf
What is a production system? | Designing a sheep production system | Flock structure | Stocking rate | Time of lambing | Time of shearing

Chapter 4 Wool; the major sheep farm product html | pdf
Introduction | Factors determining the value of a wool clip | Recommended reading | General references

Chapter 5 Genetics on the sheep farm html | pdf
Introduction | How far behind the stud is the commercial producer's flock? | Selection of replacement females in commercial flocks | Choosing replacement rams from a stud for a commercial flock | General references

Chapter 6 The energy and protein nutrition of grazing sheep html | pdf
Introduction | Metabolisable energy | Metabolisable protein | Energy requirements of the animal | Dry sheep equivalents, DSEs | Pasture Production | Feed intake of grazing animals | Grazing Management | Diagnosis of dietary deficiencies of energy and protein | Concentrate feeding | Feeding and management of sheep and cattle during drought | Recommended reading

Chapter 7 Reproductive management and diseases in naturally mated flocks html | pdf
Introduction | Factors determining reproductive rate | Physiological, management & disease factors affecting fertility up to mid-pregnancy | Abortion in ewes and prenatal diseases of lambs | Health and management at lambing | Perinatal mortality | Management and diseases of lactating ewes | Lamb management at and after marking | Diagnostic techniques used in the field | The significance of low reproductive rates in self-replacing flocks | The consequences of increasing reproductive rates above 'normal' levels | Investigation of low reproductive rates | Recommended reading | General references

Chapter 8 Controlled breeding; artificial insemination (ai) and moet html | pdf
Introduction | Control of the time of mating | Increasing the number of progeny | Induction of abortion | Induction of parturition | Artificial insemination (AI) | Multiple ovulation and embryo transfer (MOET) | Some other technologies in sheep related to AI and MOET | General references

Chapter 9 Helminth diseases of sheep html | pdf
Introduction | Ecology of sheep helminths | Host immune responses | Hypobiosis | Epidemiology | Pathogenesis of helminth infestation | Clinical signs | Effects on production | Mortality | Diagnosis | Treatment | Anthelmintic resistance | Control programs | Recommended reading

Chapter 10 Special diseases of the integument html | pdf
Fleece rot | Dermatophilosis (Dermo, Lumpy wool) | Fly strike (Cutaneous myiasis) | Psorergates ovis (itchmite) | Chorioptes bovis | Other external parasites of sheep | Recommended reading

Chapter 11 Trace elements and vitamins; deficiency and excess html | pdf
Introduction | Biochemistry | Clinical signs of deficiency | Sub-clinical deficiency | Clinical pathology in the investigation of deficiencies | Interpretation of results | Diagnosis of clinical syndromes | Response trials | Prevention and treatment | Poisoning | Recommended reading

Chapter 12 Management and diseases of weaner sheep html | pdf
Introduction | Yersiniosis | Coccidiosis | Campylobacteriosis | Differential diagnosis of scouring in weaners | Eperythrozoon ovis | Other disease conditions of weaner sheep | Recommended reading

Chapter 13 Lameness html | pdf
Arthritis | Viral diseases associated with lameness | Minor bacterial dermatoses | Major bacterial dermatoses | Footrot | Recommended reading

Chapter 14 Sudden death html | pdf
Enterotoxaemia (pulpy kidney) | Infectious necrotic hepatitis (Black disease) | Malignant oedema | Other clostridial diseases | Clostridial vaccines | Anthrax | Other causes of sudden death | Recommended reading

Chapter 15 Diseases of the central nervous system html | pdf
Polioencephalomalacia | Focal symmetrical encephalomalacia | Listeriosis | Brain and spinal cord abscessation | Tetanus | Botulism | Purportedly inherited conditions of the nervous system | Plant associated toxicoses causing paresis, paralysis and gait disturbances | Common chemicals responsible for clinical signs of neurological disease | Differential diagnosis of ataxia and paresis in sheep | Differential diagnosis of dummy syndromes and recumbency in sheep | Exotic diseases with nervous signs | Recommended reading

Chapter 16 Diseases of the alimentary trace html | pdf
Ovine Johne's disease (OJD) | Grain poisoning | Red gut (haemorrhagic enteritis) | Intestinal carcinoma | Salmonellosis | Nutritional diarrhoea caused by lush feed | Alimentary tract diseases caused by toxic plants | Differential diagnosis of scouring in sheep | Enteric diseases of lambs | Bluetongue | Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) | Rinderpest | Pestes des petits ruminants (PPR) | Recommended reading

Chapter 17 Diseases of the skin and eye html | pdf
Contagious pustular dermatitis (CPD, Contagious ecthyma, Scabby mouth) | Actinobacillosis | Squamous cell carcinoma | Photosensitization | Burns | Other skin diseases | Contagious ophthalmia, Ovine infectious keratoconjunctivitis, (Pinkeye) | Exotic diseases | Recommended reading

Chapter 18 Diseases of the urinary system html | pdf
Urolithiasis | Posthitis | Enlargement of bulbo-urethral glands in wethers | Diseases of the kidney | Recommended reading

Chapter 19 Diseases of the blood and lymphatic system html | pdf
Caseous lymphadenitis (CLA) | Recommended reading

Chapter 20 Diseases of the respiratory system html | pdf
Pneumonia | Acute pasteurellosis | Tuberculosis | Melioidosis | Parasitic pneumonia | Aspiration pneumonia | Sheep pulmonary adenomatosis (SPA, Jaagsiekte) | Maedi | Recommended reading


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This work shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, re-sold, hired out or otherwise circulated without the prior consent of the authors, in any form of binding or cover or on any electronic medium other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser and only after destruction of any previously printed form produced by the original purchaser.

Registered names, trade names and descriptions et cetera mentioned in this book are the property of the respective owner. Such names cannot be used by anyone without specific acknowledgment.

This book provides informative material of a professional nature. It does not constitute legal, managerial or veterinary advice nor does it imply endorsement of any product. This information is intended to be as accurate as possible at the time of writing but the Faculty of Veterinary Science or the authors assume no responsibility for any losses that result through reliance on this material.

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